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A recognised leader in the design, installation, commissioning and support of integrated audio visual technology and specialised evidential recording systems, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to bring the project to life.

Predominantly servicing the Justice, Parliamentary, Law Enforcement, Local Government and Corporate sectors, our business is centred on delivering innovative audio visual and security products & services, with a specialist focus on high grade digital recording systems in those markets.

We can provide a broad range of evidential recording systems, audio visual systems, CCTV & security, live streaming, video conferencing and holistic all-of-room Audio Visual solutions for our markets.  We have expert knowledge on the development and installation of contemporary fit for purpose Court & Hearing Rooms, Council &  Committee Rooms, Interview Rooms and Parliamentary Chambers & Committee Spaces.

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  • Audio Solutions

    Redfish provides high quality integrated audio systems that can meet the requirements of your next project.  Ranging form the smallest systems with industry standard components through to large integrated custom solutions, all can be effectively managed and deployed by our team. We offer a range of audio mixers, amplifiers, programmable digital signal processors, speakers, discussion systems, audio management solutions, digital audio interfaces and software based audio recording and distribution devices.  Audio is a key core competency, no project is too small or large for our skilled team to implement.

    Redfish has also developed a deep understanding of high quality acoustic design which is one of the primary considerations in all of our solutions.  We have expertise in speech intelligibility (STIpa) design , reverberation (RT60), room damping, room overall acoustic space measurement (SMAART) and application of other specialist audio measurement systems.

  • Video Solutions

    Redfish delivers an extensive range of vision systems to meet the target requirements of any project. This includes a large range of screen types and sizes, projectors, projector screens, video walls, vision distribution systems, vision matrixes and vision over IP solutions at our disposal.  We can provide the simplest screen or vision system through to large holistic project solutions.

    Vision is another core competency of our group with no project being too large or small for our team.



  • Recording Systems

    Redfish Technologies specialises in audio and visual digital recording systems, supporting multichannel recording formats for the recording of large structured meeting places such as Courts (Court record), Councils (Council minutes) and Parliaments (Hansard).  We also have extensive knowledge and expertise in providing complete solutions for digital interview recording used in all forms of law enforcement.    All our clients depend on high quality recordings being produced to support clear future review and the ability of skilled operators to provide an accurate transcription of proceedings. Our expertise in this area along with close collaboration with advanced transcription providers ensures we meet and exceed these goals.

    A increasing area of expertise for Redfish Technologies is the application of new forms of Speech-to-Text (STT) or Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) systems that are now starting to emerge as commercial systems for the production of the written record.  Along with high quality audio systems, application of the STT technology can be achieved to provide a high degree of accuracy with these automated text generation systems.


  • Control & Management Systems

    Projects of any size often need some form of control system.  With our experience, we provide integrated control systems that are simple to operate and use.   Our control systems easily and efficiently manage, direct and regulate numerous audio visual systems and room technologies by incorporating them into a single custom user focused interface, requiring a minimum of training to operate. Ranging from a simple all in one touch screen to a large multiroom solution, our control systems are designed from the ground up to provide the central management system for the total solution.

  • Live Streaming Solutions

    A rising demand from our clients has seen Redfish Technologies develop innovative solutions in this area. We understand that reliability, quality and the need for very simple setup and management are keys to the success of this type of service. Our current product offerings support a single audio channel through to the addition of single camera vision or integrated multi-camera with video follow audio.  To provide a customised solution we can also combine client generated graphics overlays which provides a professional feel to the live streaming output services. Our live streaming systems can broadcast to well known ubiquitous free streaming platforms or to pay for service content delivery networks.

  • Security & CCTV Systems

    Redfish Technologies has a broad range of services and products in our CCTV and security portfolio.  Our services include expert consultancy and design driving an outcomes based strategy that can be developed for current or future provisioning.  This extends to installing, implementing and commissioning high quality CCTV and security products across a range of locations and buildings throughout Western Australia.  We also provide full support services for the systems we install both on-site and remote access.

  • Video Conferencing Spaces

    In recent years and especially with the onset of the global COVID pandemic, Redfish Technologies has focused on simple to use and easy setup video conferencing systems. These support huddle rooms and small spaces, expanding to large meeting rooms, courtrooms, councils, chambers and large parliamentary spaces.  We have applied our expertise in audio and visual capture solutions to support the new breed of software based video conferencing clients such as Zoom, Teams, Meetup, WebEx and others.   We are one of the only Zoom Resellers within Western Australia and also provide Zoom and Teams room integrated solutions over and above the standard video conferencing systems.  We have driven technology innovation in these spaces with beam forming microphones and advanced acoustic  management to ensure all rooms have the best possible conditions for high grade video conferencing.

Consultancy & Design

Redfish Technologies has specialist knowledge and skills in the specification and implementation of solutions for Court & Hearing Rooms, Council & Committee Rooms, Interview Rooms and Parliamentary Chambers & Committee Spaces. This provides us the foundation for the provision of full consultancy services for any aspect of the design and development of these rooms. Redfish also has extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of multichannel digital recording systems which can provide post-interview review and the basis for generation of the written record of proceedings.

Installation & Commissioning

Our installation and commissioning teams have broad experience within the markets in which we operate and their professional attitude and high attention to detail ensures project implementation success. We have specialist commissioning staff that ensure projects meet their agreed deliverables with all integration programming within the audio, visual, control and security systems having reached the clients operational expectations. Our staff are AV and Security certified and carried credentials for safe working practices including working at heights, scaffolding and rigging.

Support and Training

We provide professional service, support and training expertise which is available through a range of on-site and on-line delivery options. Redfish Technologies has a strong focus on developing and maintaining long term relationships with our clients ensuring that after every successful project there is a robust maintenance program in place to maintain and extend the life of all project equipment and services.

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