Our Solutions & Services

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We install and integrate premium audio systems including, but not limited to, microphones, amplifiers, discussion systems, speakers, audio mixers.

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First class equipment and design plus highly experienced technicians ensure client solutions meet and exceed expectations.

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Recording Systems

Our experience covers all major brands of digital recording systems for courts, councils, parliament, law enforcement and corporate.

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Security & CCTV Systems

We provide world class CCTV and security systems that meet any requirement or budget.

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Consultancy & Design

We consult, design, install and commission advanced technologies and systems within Australia and internationally.

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Live Streaming

We'll equip your organisation with the latest live stream technology to meet your client specific workflow.

Video conferencing

Video Conferencing

Making it easy to connect anywhere, anytime so your meeting, interview or company-wide announcement provides a personal connection with both dependability and high quality audio-visual content.

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Control Systems

Control systems easily and efficiently manage, direct and regulate numerous technologies and systems by incorporating these into a single custom user focused interface, requiring a minimum of training to operate.

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Support & Training

We provide superior professional services through our support and training expertise which is available through a range of local, on-site and on-line delivery options.