Our Audio Solutions

We install a wide range of audio systems with custom designs to best suit your organisation’s needs. We also ensure that we carefully assess your current systems to ensure the solutions we provide seamlessly integrate with existing technologies.

Audio Systems

Audio solutions are a core service from Redfish Technologies. Ranging from a standard public address system, multi zone building solution or a multi microphone meeting environment fully integrated into other visual and control systems, no system is too small or too large.  We maintain an up-to-date expertise in the current and future audio transports system technologies to ensure the most efficient audio distribution systems are offered to clients. We use our extensive knowledge of current audio transport systems for the connection of our audio systems to digital recording, vision systems, multi zone speakers, hearing assistance and many other connected technologies.

Our solutions are based on world class digital audio processing technologies and equipment that ensures a central focus on providing future proofed systems for our clients.

Installed Audio Systems

We design, deliver and install systems that provide professional, high quality, mission critical audio within any environment.  All of our systems are fully integrated solutions that are designed and programmed from the ground up to meet the exact needs of the client requirements.

Audio systems that we provide are:

  • Microphones and all accessories
  • Digital signal processing (DSP) mixers and peripherals
  • Amplifiers and audio mixers
  • Speaker and headphones
  • Portable public address (PA) systems
  • Digital and analogue EVAC systems
  • Intercoms & media players
  • Network audio systems (Dante, AVB, AES67, CobraNet)

Discussion Systems

Redfish supply conference and discussion systems throughout the local government sector, from portable wireless systems for regional meetings and multi-use rooms, to fully installed systems in function rooms and council chambers. Every system is designed to suit each customer’s specific needs.

Conference and discussion systems provide an individual microphone and loudspeaker to each delegate ensuring everybody taking part in a meeting is clearly heard. They add structure to a meeting, promoting interactive discussions while allowing the chair to control the flow of the meeting.

With a loudspeaker and microphone installed in each delegate unit, clear and even amplification is achieved around the room. Microphones illuminate around the top of each microphone when in use, so other delegates can clearly identify who is speaking. Conference discussion systems are much more than speech reinforcement systems. They can be used to control delegates speaking time, voting, camera control and provide audio to record the meeting.

Assistive Listening

We have several intuitive and innovative assistive listening solutions that can be used to improve sound for those with hearing impediments.

We specialise in installing hearing loops and infrared hearing assistance systems that use either telecoils to magnetically transmit sound directly to hearing aids, or by using infrared transmitters and listening receivers with personal induction loops to pickup the sound.

We build all our assisted listening systems to AS1428.5-10 standards

We can provide:

  • Certified hearing loop designs
  • Hearing loop amplifiers and systems
  • Infrared rooms systems
  • Wireless audio streaming systems
  • Signage and all peripherals

Speakers & Speech Intelligibility

The acoustics of a room have a direct impact on whether each person in the room can hear, understand, be heard and be understood. In any meeting room, of any type, this is of critical importance.

Through testing and acoustic management we create the best acoustics possible for any specific room. We only install calibrated, certified equipment that can best support testing through Speech Intelligibility (STIpa IEC 60268-16:2011), and Reverberation Times (RT60) to ensure any room meets the highest level of intelligibility.

Using this experience Redfish is able to provide single or multi zoned audio reinforcement systems with the correct speakers for the rooms.  Some of the speaker solution we offer are:

  • Ceiling speakers
  • Wall mounted speakers
  • Line array speakers
  • Localised point source speakers
  • Network enabled speakers