Our Video Solutions

Our highly experienced staff provide professional video consulting, design and installation for high grade client solutions. We also offer support and training to ensure your team is equipped with the knowledge and understanding to use and support the equipment to its full design capability.

Installed Video

  • HD & SD display screens
  • Chamber display systems
  • Multi zone and distributed visual subsystems
  • Visual collaboration systems, screens, accessories and stands
  • Projectors and multimedia solutions
  • Visual extenders, switchers, converters and scalars
  • Visual systems matrixing
  • Electronic display signs and scoreboards

Distributed Video

Distributed video allows a single video source, such as a PC,  media player, satellite receiver or other vision device, to be shared between multiple displays that are connected and controlled by the overall vision system.

Some of the advantages of this include minimising the amount of sources you would need for every display and the ability to hide cables and equipment to ensure the office or meeting room is presented with a minimum of technology support.

Redfish uses several different distribution methods for these solutions, such as;

  • Direct Vision over structured cabling (twisted pair)
  • HD-Base-T solution
  • IP (H264 or H265) based systems
  • Dante and AVB systems


As part of our audio-visual offering, we recommend and install a range of fixed and remotely operated video PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras along with remote control systems. This includes specialised conferencing cameras and web cams and as a Gold Certified and Trusted Zoom Integrator – we establish Zoom Rooms for collaboration and remote conferencing.

We are also have a high level of expertise in security and CCTV, which includes installing a wide variety of specialised cameras and equipment for a range of markets.

Specialist Video Systems

We are experts in setting up and configuring Zoom Rooms and Video Walls.

Zoom Room technology allows for easy and simultaneous sharing of multiple desktops, while Video Walls focus on connecting many computer screens together to create one large screen for sharing with large groups.

We also have the capability to design, build and install custom video systems and presentation formats.