Recording Systems

We have experience across all major brands of evidential grade digital recording software for courts, councils, parliament, law enforcement and corporate. We specialise in solutions that enable recordings to be transcribed accurately and efficiently. We tailor our solutions by understanding the environment that you operate within to determine the best solution to meet your organisation’s needs for recording, management, distribution and security. We have also developed a high degree of expertise and understanding with emerging technologies within the digital recording solutions portfolio. This includes speech to text (STT), automated speech recognition (ASR), transcription production systems, integrated recording and case management.

Court Recording and Transcription

Our knowledge and experience is based upon detailed understanding of digital recording technologies and how it is used in a court or hearing room environment.

We ensure you have the best digital recording system using the latest technology to guarantee your court recordings are reliably recorded, managed, distributed, reviewed and quickly and efficiently transcribed.

Parliamentary Recording

For all our projects, big and small, we take time to learn our client’s environment and work practices to ensure this has key consideration in the design of a new solution.

This involves auditing existing technology, predicting the organisational impact of any new technology and clearly defining the outcomes. It is an approach that ultimately saves our client’s time and money by ensuring we deliver the right technology solutions, the first time.

Council Meeting Recording

We understand how critical it is to get audio recording and ultimately transcriptions right every time. As a professional systems integrator we have a deep understanding of all types of recording systems which enable us to recommend the most suitable solutions based on your requirements.

Law Enforcement Interview Recording

We design, build and install state of the art digital audio-visual recording systems for fixed and mobile environments which meet the evidential compliance requirements for state and federal government. This extends to the provision of interview evidence linking, storage, distribution and review to ensure central management of interview based media and evidence files is both practical and efficient.


High Criteria

Distributor of Specialist Court & Meeting Recording Software

Redfish Technologies is the main Australian, New Zealand and Asia Pacific distributor of the highly acclaimed High Criteria range of products including:

  • Liberty Court Recordings Suite of products
  • Liberty Meeting Recorder Suite of products
  • Liberty specialists software add on products


Distributor of Specialist Interview Recording Software/Hardware

Redfish is an Australian distributor of the Indico Systems range of industry leading products including:

  • Indico Interview Recording Suite of products
  • Indico Evidence Server
  • Indico Mobile Interview Recorders
  • David Horn Interview Recording Devices

Asgard Edge Plugin

Redfish Technologies have developed ASGARD EDGE, the first multi-channel annotated audio recording system leveraging the Q-SYS integrated architecture platform.

Available as licensed Q-SYS Plugin, ASGARD EDGE comprises three core elements, ASGARD Annotator, ASGARD Recorder and ASGARD File Transfer. Contact Us today to get more information on this plugin

ASGARD Annotator and Recorder provides a multi-channel audio recording capable of synchronized multi-channel recording from up-to 128 microphone inputs with annotation metadata synchronized with the audio recording, providing high grade evidential recording that can be used for the creation of transcription via traditional methods or via automated speech to text AI engines.

ASGARD EDGE File Transfer provides a WebDAV transfer client paired with the ASGARD WebDAV Windows Server, moving the recordings and meta-data from the Q-SYS platform to a central data server as each recording block is completed.  Once moved to a Windows Server, the recorded files are then available to any 3rdparty platform for the purpose of production of the final transcription.  Files may be removed from the Q-SYS Core platform once transferred successfully to the Windows Server or they may be retained on the Core for a period, satisfying regulatory requirements.

ASGARD EDGE provides a Universal User Interface (UCI) that permits operators to Start and Stop recordings, entry of manual metadata entries, recording description fields and preset data. The ASGARD EDGE plugin is ideally suited to the justice and parliamentary sectors where recording and monitoring need to evolve to the next level, removing the need for expensive recording software and dedicated PC recording machines and infrastructure. ASGARD EDGE provides ALL these functions within the Q-SYS DSP – the mission critical core of many such environments.

ASGARD EDGE provides improved efficacy, efficiency, and accuracy with reliable automated metadata capture per-microphone as people speak providing a highly detailed timestamp meta-data log of events associated with the recording.  The plugin is designed to “drop” into any Q-SYS design and provide all the functionality required, at a much lower cost than a traditional Court Recording hardware and software solutions.

The ASGARD EDGE UCI may be customized by any Q-SYS programmer to suit the specific needs of their end user, without impacting the internal operation of the ASGARD EDGE plugin.

ASGARD EDGE provides both TCP/ECP and TCP/QRC control API’s permitting external control of the recorder transport controls by third party controls systems such as other Q-SYS Systems, AMX, Crestron, Extron, NTI etc.

ASGARD EDGE recordings and metadata are supported for playback by TheRecordXchange (, a cloud-based transcription and production system that provides cloud-based playback facilities and file management of any well-known court recording audio files.  This universal platform is ideally suited towards the production of the official transcript.   It also incorporates automated speech recognition using Amazon Web Services.  When combined with the very accurate annotations from ASGARD EDGE, this can provide a precise individual microphone speech to text output.

Additionally, ASGARD EDGE recordings and metadata may be imported by other 3rd party transcription management platforms or playback solutions.  Redfish provides full documentation on the structure and the use of the files so they may be integrated and played by any platform as desired.

ASGARD EDGE is available for download from the Q-SYS Designer Asset Manager.

ASGARD File Transfer executable can be download from this LINK 

ASGARD EDGE requires a core specific license to operate fully, licenses are provided by contacting Redfish Technologies.