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Support and Training

Redfish Technologies is founded upon a vision of high quality systems, installed correctly and with professional care and attention. Ongoing support and maintenance is a core value of that vision and underpinning this is the application of professional, knowledgeable staff who are dedicated to this very important task.


We provide superior professional services through our support and training with availability in a broad range of formats. Our online technical support desk provides the first level of contact and the ongoing access point for tracking your registered support ticket. Depending on the level of support contract you may have in place, you will have access to a range of options for actioning your support request. Access to the online technical support also provides a wide range of support materials and information.

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We understand that operational stability of your installed systems are critical to your business operations and you cannot afford to have downtime, so we provide a high level of support to ensure your organisation can mange potential issues if and when they arise.

Redfish Support Packages

All packages include:

  • Toll Free support number – which allows you to lodge a support ticket 24/7.
  • Dedicated support email address, integrated to our support portal and ticketing system.
  • Dedicated web-based tracking systems to keep you up-to-date with issues, accessible 24/7.
  • Support contract management portal and online renewal

Additional Items depending on the package

  • Remote access support
  • Scheduled servicing of systems with regular visits
  • Emergency onsite visits
  • Software and Hardware assurance maintaining systems to the latest version/model
  • Hot swap system replacement for mission critical assurance

Installation Training

Redfish Technologies, unlike many other AV integrators believes the solution delivery has as one of its key foundations customer technical and operational training. Our installations along with detailed documentation, are delivered with focused training on the products installed and how they are to be operated, this is fundamental to successful system operation and client support structures.

Redfish Technologies approaches training by ensuing we are experts in the systems being installed and how these will be applied to the clients work practices. The high quality user and technical training at the completion of the project is backed up with well documented user guides, custom quick reference guides, technical design documentation and full as-built schematic drawings.

Any system installation includes:

  • Custom created user guides
  • Detailed technical information
  • Detailed schematics
  • Workflow and management documentation

Training Packages

In addition to standard system training we have a number of training courses that can be requested to suit your particular needs, including  –

  • Workflow and process management
  • Advanced technical understanding of  digital recording software
  • Implementation and integration with digital recording technology
  • Advanced technical understanding of your audio and visual systems
  • CCTV design, implementation and set-up and user training

Need support now?

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