Consultancy and Design

We design, install and commission advanced technologies, as well as providing clients with consulting services across the justice, local government, parliamentary, law enforcement and corporate sectors in Australia and world-wide. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the courts, councils, the Hansard and law enforcement has rewarded us the status of leader in AV solutions and evidential recording.

Justice Sector Consultancy and Design

Our deep understanding of courtroom functions and operations has led us to become experts in the design and implementation of technology for the courts.

We also specialise in end-to-end evidence management process, courtroom technology refresh initiatives and recording and transcription integration.

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Local Government Sector Consultancy

With more than 20 years of experience in local government and a reputation for outstanding designs and consultancy services, Redfish has established a strong reputation.

High quality CCTV system design and technologically advanced audio visual solutions are our speciality.

We understand local government workflows and methodology, so you can rest assured that your requirements will be met.

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Parliamentary Sector Consultancy

We have a strong reputation for designing tailored solutions to meet the high demands of the Hansard operation for the Parliamentary sector.

Our consultation and design services focus on high quality recording systems and high-grade audio-visual custom-built solutions for Hansard, committee rooms and the main chambers. It’s of upmost importance to us that the integrity of the recording is always maintained.

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Law Enforcement Sector Consultancy

Our consultancy services provide you with the most relevant and up to date advice on evidential recording solutions and “scene” evidence collection and distribution.

We have a detailed understanding of the law enforcement sector, including your workflows, which enables us to design custom solutions to meet your needs.

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Corporate Sector Consultancy

We provide audio-visual and security consultancy and design for a range of businesses in the private sector.

This includes customised AV systems that focus on high quality sound and vision to ensure your video conferences, meetings and presentations go smoothly every time. We also set-up live streaming capabilities for private enterprise, security and CCTV systems, as well as a range of support and training services.

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